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The Phone Surgeon are corporate partners with the world leader in DATA RECOVERY SERVICES, KROLL ONTRACK.

If you have a failed hard drive, USB or other memory device we can help. You may only get one chance to recover your data. No recovery is too small or too big for the most experienced data recovery team in the industry

Data Recovery for Business

Data Recovery from Kroll Ontrack is the experienced choice when you have lost critical business data. We can recover data from all types of storage media on laptops, desktop computers, RAID, servers, mobile or virtual devices

Timing is critical

We understand data can be very time-sensitive and offer different service levels to meet our customer’s needs.


5-10 business days


2-3 business days


We work 24/7


At each service level, our engineers analyze your media, determine the condition of the data and provide you with an option to receive an online report showing all recoverable files BEFORE you need to make decisions to proceed with our service.

Please note: Time estimates are averages for most jobs and can vary depending on the severity of the failure.