30 07, 2015

The truth about your personal data on your mobile phone

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Have you ever considered how life would be if you lost your mobile phone and all of its contents? If that sentence makes you shudder, you should ask yourself when was the last time you backed up this precious information. If you are like the vast majority of smart phone users, you don't appreciate the

25 05, 2015

The Problem with Smart Phones are the operators!

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Smart Phones are so smart! They control our lives and whether you like it or not, we all have an un-natural relationship with our smartphone. We use our smart phone to either save time or waste time, to store all of our most precious photos, contacts and more. Yet when it comes to protecting, backing

14 05, 2015

RugGear Rugged Handsets coming soon, Exclusive to the Phone Surgeon

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In the coming days, the Phone Surgeon will take delivery of their first shipment of RugGear handsets, the most durable handsets on the market. These handsets are unbelievably rugged. Running on an android operating system, they are smart, rugged and best of all, affordable. At an entry price of only $299 they will be sure