15 06, 2017

What you should do if you get your phone wet

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If you get your phone wet the most important thing is to not try and charge it or continually try to turn it on/off. It needs to be opened up and dried correctly using chemicals while the battery is disconnected. Putting a wet phone in rice is not only a waste of rice but a

14 05, 2017

FREE phone health care check

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Is your phone running slowly, doing strange things or thinking of buying or selling? Bring it in to the Phone Surgeon for a free health care check. Our comprehensive check takes 10 minutes and will give you a full assessment of your device, supported by recommendations on any urgent action that may be required  

31 01, 2017

Coming Soon: Home Security products

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The Phone Surgeon are excited to announce that in the coming days we will receive our first order of Home Security products to help you protect your home. The product range, while initially small, will grow, as we source new and exciting products for you. We will fast become your one stop shop for anything

26 08, 2015

Android Smart Block

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If you use an Android and have upgraded to lollipop (the latest software version) there is a new Smart Block extension which basically detects if you are carrying the device once unlocked. There are some obvious advantages, but dig a little deeper and there is a possible security compromise, Tech Republic have a good commentary

20 08, 2015

Now Repairing iPads, iPods and other Tablets

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We have specialised in Mobile Phone repairs now for 12 years, in that time we have been asked countless times to repair iPads, iPods and other devices. We wanted to be sure we got it right before making that commercial decision and are now offering screen repairs and other repairs to iPads, iPods and other